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Air Receiver

What is an air receiver?
An air receiver, sometimes referred to as a compressed air tank, is an integral part of any compressed air system. The main purpose of this is to act as temporary storage to accommodate the peaks of demand from your system and to optimize the running efficiency of your plant.


How to properly size air receivers?

Refrigeration Air dryer

During compressed air production, humidity contained in the atmospheric air is converted into a condensate. In order to prevent corrosion of compressed air lines and wear of connected devices, it is necessary to remove condensed humidity from compressed air as quickly as possible. The most common and fastest way to remove condensation from compressed air is connecting a compressed air refrigerant dryer directly to a compressors.

Dew point
Dew point level depends on the operating conditions in a compressor station. Standard dew point level of Sunwin refrigeration dryers is +3°C.

Improved air quality
Using an air dryer, the air quality improves and thus the final product quality increases. Productivity is increased and maintenance costs are lower.

Air Treatment Solution
Air treatment has become a necessity when compressing air today in terms of operating costs and increased production efficiency. Refrigerated compressed air dryers such as the Sunwin are the preferred solution thanks to an efficient and simple technology. With an air dryer, water from the air condenses and can be removed.

Oil Free Scroll Compressor

Elang oil-free scroll air compressors are quiet, simple, clean and compact. Novel shape, compact structure. Fully consider various use cases to achieve optimal operation, energy saving and saving money, clean air is guaranteed! Quiet: scroll's unique silent, micro-vibration provides a comfortable working space, even if it runs at night, there is no need to worry about affecting the environment. Energy saving: optimum operation and energy savings are achieved through multi-stage control. Multiple compressors are built into a single chassis. According to the amount of air used, the multi-stage control of free operation through the optimal number of units is adopted, which eliminates unnecessary operation and realizes energy saving; multi-stage control has energy savings beyond frequency conversion control.

Minimal energy-intensive on/off control. According to the amount of air used and the actual situation, the optimal operation is achieved, and the power consumption is greatly suppressed, and the energy saving effect is excellent. When the amount of air consumed changes, there will be a large error due to the different control methods of the compressor. The oil-free scroll compressor minimizes power consumption and thus enhances energy savings.

Quiet Operation
The oil-free scroll compressors are easy to operate and maintain. The scroll compressors are exceptionally quiet thanks to the slow speed of the scroll compression elements. The oil-free compressors are suitable for any working environment as they are WorkPlace Air System™ compressors.

High Quality Oil-Free Compressed Air
Enjoy peace of mind with Elang, thanks to the scroll technology along with pure oil-free air. The Elang oil-free air compressor will ensure your production is contaminant free to avoid any unnecessary downtime due to oil contamination in the future.

Oil- Free Water lubrication Compressor

Oil-free water lubrication screw air compressor is widely used in medical, food, electronics, chemical, packaging and other industries that require high-quality air sources, 100% pure compressed air division to ensure the process flow and product quality necessary measures, you can risk-free, safe to produce your high-end products. 1, the use of water as a compression seal, cooling medium, the use of low cost. 2. Through advanced sealing and isolation technology, the compressed air is cleaner and can be pure and oil-free. 3. The volumetric efficiency is higher and more energy-saving, which is more than 15% energy-saving than the second-level dry twin screw and more than 36% more energy-saving than the first-level dry twin screw. 4.

Avoid frequent dry screw and high host maintenance, and be more stable and reliable. 5, lower noise, single screw axial, radial are balanced by force, star wheel in the water film lubrication with the screw free rotation, so the host components in low load smooth operation, to ensure low noise and durability. 6. Compared with the traditional air compressor, it saves lubricants and consumables such as oil filters and oil and gas separation cores, thereby reducing maintenance costs. (One year is 1/5 of the maintenance cost of the traditional micro-oil air compressor) 7, there is no oil cost, so that the use is more environmentally friendly.

Highly Efficient Elements
The water-injected screw element in the Elang oil-free range produces highly efficient near isothermal compression. The machine elements ensure that no oil contaminates the compression element. No risk of oil contamination means you will receive pure oil-free air. The highly reliable oil free rotary screw air compressor will provide quality air for years to come.

Here at Shaffaf, we offer Screw compressors to suit your operations regardless of what industry you are in. Our range of screw air compressors includes fixed speed, variable speed, and our two stage super efficiency. Our rotary screw air compressors go from a humble 7.5kW to screw compressors larger than 560kW. So if you are in the market for screw compressors, then Shaffaf is the air compressor company for you.
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Belt Drive Air Compressor

1. Power sizes from 7.5 up to 90 KW.
2. 3 pressure variants: 8-10-13 bar.
3. The full range up to 30 HP is available installed on an air receiver with refrigerant dryer.
4. Designed to be a complete solution, the units can be equipped with an air receiver and a complete air treatment package: refrigerant dryer, pre and post filters.
5. Cost efficiency

Elang screw compressors are a cost-efficient solution; they are easy and compact to install with no additional costs. The compressors are easy to manage and have low maintenance costs The Elang screw air compressor is available in a variety of setups; either floor or tank mounted, with or without an integrated dryer. This means you will have a complete solution to your compressor air with minimal space.

Easy accessibility and maintenance
1. The panels on the four sides of the compressor are completely removable and provide easyaccess for service.
2. The vertical Poly V belt transmission ensuresbetter performance and easy belt tensioning.
3. Long service intervals

Silent and comfortable operation
Thick noise-attenuating foam is appliedinside of all panels, corners and roof.Together with a new silent axial fan thisensures silent and comfortable operation.

Variable Speed Drive Compressor

Reduce energy costs and total cost of ownership
With the Elang Variable Speed Drive Compressor screw compressor you will benefit from drastic energy and ownership cost reductions.

Variable Speed Screw Compressor
This is one of our energy-efficient variable speed screw air compressors, available in a range of sizes. Reliable in even the harshest conditions, this screw compressor gives you lower energy and maintenance costs. Variable speed technology can reduce your energy consumption by up to 35%. We offer complete solutions for your business, from quality products to exceptional service.

High efficiency motors
IE4 Premium efficiency motor (standard on fixedspeed machines, optional on variable speed ones).
IP55, insulation Class.

Standard enclosed intake filter
Low noise levels thanks to design and position of filter.
Improved FAD due to air intake positioning.
High quality filtration to maximize oil quality andprotect your compression element.

Two Stage Screw Air Compressor

Our most innovative and energy-efficient compressor to date is the result of continuous investment in product development. The result: a brand new and groundbreaking drive train with PM motor technology coupled with our inverter. This combination has taken energy efficiency to the next level and offers you energy savings of up to 45%. Previously, this technology was only available in larger compressors. Now, we are adding the smaller models to bring these savings to more of our customers.

1. Air End
Two-stage compression compared to single-stage compression, the two compression tends to the most provincial power of the isothermal compression, from the principle, the single-stage compression of the two compression energy saving 5~8%.
Won the award of Level 1 energy Efficiency Grade Certification.
Compared with Level 2 Energy Efficiency Grade Save 10%-15% energy.
Compared with Level 3 Energy Efficiency Grade Save 20%-30% energy.

2. Motor
a) The use of energy-efficient motor grade insulation grade, high protection motor, with imported SKF bearings.
b) The capacity of the motor is increased by 1.2, so as to ensure that under the condition of various weather conditions, the load can be loaded without fault operation.

3. Control Panel
LCD HD touch monitor, PLC control, Human menu interface design.
Can display multi line operation parameters, historical records
Simple operation, inquiry, convenient maintenance.

4. High Efficient Separation of Oil and Gas System
The oil content of the compressed air of the outlet is only 2ppm by using the three stage method (cyclone separation method, sedimentation separation method and the fine filtration method).

5. Low Noise Design
A) Selection of large diameter, low speed of the low noise fan: provide large air quantity can effectively reduce the fan noise.
B) Totally enclosed mute type design, accord with international working noise standard.









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